People around the world are using archaeology to discover ancient civilizations so that way they are finding out how those people actually lived, how much they knew and which kind of tools they were using for their survival. In other words we are discovering our ancestors so we can recognize who we are. And perhaps to show the question: Are we alone in this tremendous universe? This subject made me realize that everything that we create today, no matter if it is for our existence or for decorate our living rooms, will be a subject for investigation in the future exactly as we are doing today. So I took seven different items that have a link that connects them together like a puzzle. And I gave them an appearance from another period. So even the items are relatively new they become an archaeological item themselves with their new disguise. I have used materials like concrete, wood, P.V.C. and clay. All the seven items together will create one sculpture that I have called Destruction. They all individually have got a date, number and a signature, and are for sale for $20.000.-.

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